Forty Before Forty: An Update

See that Forty before Forty button up there on the menu?  That’s my bucket list – 40 things I’d like to do before I turn 40.  I have a few years left.  I make a point to read it on a pretty regular basis because the truth is, sometimes I forget what I put on there!  I’m excited today because I’ve recently marked off 2 of the items!

The Gentleman and I aren’t much for celebrating holidays with gifts – most of the time we’re pretty sure we have too much “stuff”.   That said, he is a lover of watches and has been trying to talk me in to wearing one for quite some time.  I haven’t worn one in years because I’ve had a cell phone to tell me what time it is.  The more I saw people wearing rose gold watches, though, the more I became convinced I wanted one.  The Gentleman bought me that one up there for Valentine’s Day and I love it.  I can also say I’m officially wearing the watch regularly – I had it off to wash dishes the other day and instinctively looked at my wrist for the time.  I’d say that’s a habit!

Several weeks ago I had occasion to purchase some stock.  No big deal, right?  Well, I’m a dummy when it comes to investing and I was TOTALLY overwhelmed with the terminology involved in this process.  Thankfully the lovely folks who manage my IRA stepped in and carefully walked me through the whole process.  They then sent me a short book that speaks in true layman’s terms about all other basic investing options.  I’m not saying I should be managing your portfolio…but I can now understand what’s in  a portfolio.

Both of these bucket list items are habits I wanted to start rather than dreams I want to fulfill. What habits do you want to start in your life?

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